Usually, Volvo vehicles are well-regarded for their technological interiors, which usually feature impressive gadgets and gizmos. This makes sense, as luxury vehicles are often associated with the driving experience. However, that isn't to say Volvo vehicles can't go above and beyond and deliver a vehicle that has both interior and exterior wonders - just look at the Volvo XC40!

The XC40 is one subcompact SUV that you won't be comparing to mainstream models. With exterior features like dual integrated tailpipes, the XC40 instantly separates itself from its competitors - who else sports add-on decor like that? It also comes with tools that add efficiency, like the rain sensor. This aspect turns on your wipers when rain is detected, and adjusts the wiper speed based upon the detected intensity of the weather. That's some pretty advanced technology to have in your windshield.

To check out the Volvo XC40, come by Lyle Pearson Volvo Cars Boise for a test drive.


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