Do you notice your car drags a bit? Is the gas mileage poor? Many issues could cause such problems, and low tire pressure is among them. Air slowly escapes tires every month, and the psi drops. Check the pressure levels to make sure you have the right amount. If not, fill up the tire with air. The local gas station probably has an automatic pump.

Don't overinflate the tires, though. Too much air also causes problems. Overinflated tires come with a high blowout risk, which is why you can't overdo it when adding air.

Both too much and too little air create traction problems. During rainy and other inclement weather conditions in Boise, ID, poor traction can create operational problems. As with a blowout, poor traction can set a course for an accident.

Do you need your tires inspected or wish to buy new ones? At Lyle Pearson Volvo Cars Boise, we can assist with all your tire needs.

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